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27 February 2015
UL Research to Help Reduce Engine Noise from Aircraft

Research carried out at University of Limerick (UL) will play a major part in reducing aircraft noise and emissions in the future.  UL researchers Dr Trevor Young and Dr Aidan Cloonan, Irish Centre for Composites Research (IComp) and the Materials and Surface Science Institute (MSSI) at UL, are collaborating on a major European research programme, “Clean Sky Sustainable and Green Engines” (SAGE)  integrated technology development programme, dedicated to demonstrating new… 24 February 2015

UL Research aims to deliver Smarter, Greener and more Sustainable Light-bulbs!

Intelligent LED lighting systems will soon be found everywhere from energy-efficient sky-scrapers to the average Irish home according to researchers at the University of Limerick (UL) who are taking on the challenge to make light bulbs ‘smarter’, greener and more efficient using digital control.

The research team based at the Circuits and Systems Research Centre at UL have received in excess of €380,000 funding from Enterprise Ireland to develop the technology which… 16 February 2015

UL Study Links Infants Sleep Patterns with Mother’s Mental and Physical Health

A study undertaken by researchers at the University of Limerick has identified four distinct sleep profiles in 9-month old infants in Ireland indicating that mothers of infants in the poorer sleep profiles are more likely to report higher levels of stress and depression and poorer physical health.

In data generated from the Growing Up in Ireland study, a nationally representative sample of over 11,134 9-month old infants, mothers reported on their health and infants sleep… 12 February 2015

Bryan Dobson gives his Inaugural Lecture as Adjunct Professor at UL

RTE’s Six One News Anchor Bryan Dobson gave his inaugural lecture as Adjunct Professor of Public Service Broadcasting at the University of Limerick yesterday evening.  Professor Dobson addressed a packed audience of staff, students and members of the public with a presentation entitled “Illuminate or Agitate: the future of Public Service Broadcasting.”

Professor Dobson stressed the importance of good journalism basics and blamed an appetite for "edgy and ground… 12 February 2015

UL Orchestra Formally Recognised for Contribution to Community

The UL Orchestra (ULO) was last night honoured in recognition of its contribution to the musical and cultural life of Limerick since its establishment in 1992 at a Civic Reception hosted by Limerick City and County Council. The reception was held in celebration of the achievements of the UL Orchestra as well as Castletroy Golf Club, with both organisations recognised as representing Limerick with distinction, according to Councillor Kevin Sheahan, Mayor of Limerick City and County.