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26 August 2014
UL Graduate Employability Grows Stronger

UL Graduate Employability Grows Stronger as Graduates 18% more likely to be employed after Graduation than any other Irish University Graduate

As the University of Limerick commences four days of conferring ceremonies which will see 2634 students graduate, including 48 PhD graduates, UL President, Professor Don Barry highlighted the continued demand for UL graduates by employers; “Traditionally UL's Graduate Employment figures trend well above the national average. Despite the… 26 August 2014

Deiseanna Fostaíochta Céimithe Ollscoil Luimnigh níos láidre

Deiseanna Fostaíochta Céimithe Ollscoil Luimnigh níos láidre mar go bhfuil seans 18% níos fearr ag Céimithe na hOllscoile fostaíocht a aimsiú ná céimithe as aon Ollscoil eile in Éirinn

Tá tús á chur in Ollscoil Luimnigh le bronnadh céimeanna a mhairfidh ceithre lá. Bronnfar céim ar 2634 mac léinn, 48 PhD san áireamh. Labhair Uachtarán Ollscoil Luimnigh,… 21 August 2014

Irish World Academy of Music and Dance welcomes Michael Flatley and Lord of the Dance cast

The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the the University of Limerick recently played host Michael Flatley and the cast of Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games as they rehearse for the show's premiere in the legendary London Palladium on September 1st 2014. The Irish-American dancer, choreographer and musician has also rehearsed with his troupe in the impressive studios at the Irish World Academy for his recent ITV programme "A Night to Remember".

The Irish World Academy of Music… 18 August 2014

Two thirds of UL Programmes see CAO points increase or remain unchanged

The University of Limerick continues to be a sought-after third level institution as CAO application figures show strong demand for its programmes by this year’s leaving certificate students. UL Vice President Academic and Registrar, Professor Paul McCutcheon welcomed the results; “Almost half of our programmes have shown an increase in entry level points illustrating the continued demand for the innovative programmes on offer at UL.  It is encouraging to see an increase in demand… 25 July 2014

UL launches an innovative programme to support students transition to higher education

An innovative pilot programme ‘First Leanings’ aimed at supporting students in making a successful transition to higher education was recently launched at the University of Limerick. The programme was launched by Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’ Sullivan and involved 75 transition year students from St Munchin's College Limerick. First Leanings supports students in building a picture of their individual strengths, interests and motivations and in linking this to…