UL - NUI Galway Alliance Celebrates First Graduates of Joint Masters

03 December 2012
Graduates of the MSc Sustainable Resource Management - Policy & Practice, back row (L-R): Oisín Duffy, Robert Collins, Nicole Mooney, Sandra Madden, Ivor Davy and Sinéad Burke. Pictured in the front row are (l-r): Dr Caitriona Carlin, Course Co-ordinator, NUI Galway, Dr Michael Gormally, Course Director, NUI Galway, Professor Richard Moles, Course Director, University of Limerick, Dr James Browne, NUI Galway President, Dr Bernadette O Regan, Course Director Environmental Science, University of Limerick and Professor Nollaig Mac Congáil, Registrar & Deputy President, NUI Galway.

The University of Limerick - NUI Galway Alliance recently celebrated the graduation of the first cohort of students from a joint programme delivered by the alliance partners. The students graduated from the MSc Sustainable Resource Management: Policy and Practice at the NUI Galway winter conferrings.

This programme has been developed in response to market demand for graduates with technical knowledge of the environmental sector plus an understanding of the range of policies currently implemented in Ireland and elsewhere which will enhance our performance in advancing our green economy. This will allow us to meet the crucial goals of reducing our reliance on imported fuels, creating additional employment, and ensuring compliance with EU directives.

Strongly research led, the programme is unique in that it combines the expertise of both institutions and is geared to the requirements of key industry and government organisations. UL offers modules on material flow analysis and urban sustainability, while NUI Galway offers modules on landscape and habitat conservation.
Speaking of the MSc Sustainable Resource Management: Policy and Practice, Brian Keville, Company Director and Senior Environmental Consultant, McCarthy Keville O'Sullivan Ltd, who himself studied Environmental Science at NUI Galway, said: “This new MSC will give graduates a detailed insight into the natural and built environment and the all-important interactions between both, across a wide variety of important subject areas that are increasing relevant in commercial, conservation, industrial and public policy fields.”

Many opportunities exist within the greening of the economy as governments, NGOs and companies work to meet environmental targets set within international agreements. Other opportunities exist to introduce green technologies and management strategies into Ireland, which have been successful in other EU states. Graduates will acquire translational and multidisciplinary skills in the environmental entrepreneurship and sustainability sector enabling them to take on managerial roles within an industrial / corporate setting, or within a regulatory body or consultancy firm.  Careers such as Sustainability Officers, Ecological Consultants, and Environmental Advisors exist within public and private sectors in Ireland and elsewhere. In addition, there may be opportunities for further research leading to the degree of PhD.

Professor Richard Moles of UL explains the importance of the establishment of a new programme: “This programme brings together in one programme of study technical understanding, policy options available, and best practice in Ireland and elsewhere. It provides participants with the skills, knowledge and experience that are needed to pursue successful careers in managing environmental resources sustainably, and in finding novel ways to grow our green economy to reduce the need for expensive imports and create additional jobs at home.”

Established in 2010, the NUI Galway - UL Strategic Alliance has established a number of joint programmes and shared modules which provide students with a unique opportunity to gain access to the research and teaching two of Ireland’s leading institutions.