Arches of NUIG


The NUI Galway – University of Limerick Strategic Alliance aims to drive to drive scientific and economic progress with a specific focus on industry partnerships and research in the areas of Biomedicine, Energy, ICT and Social Development & Civic Engagement.

A focus of the NUI Galway - University of Limerick Strategic Alliance is industry collaborations in R&D, increased commercialisation and spinouts. UL and NUI Galway continue to exceed international benchmarks for delivery of commercial licences and spinouts per euro invested.  In total, NUI Galway and UL have set up 21 spin-out companies over the past four years, with 72 licences and 121 patents filed.  By 2015, the Alliance aims to deliver 40 spin-outs, with particular focus on commercialisation in the fields of ICT, Healthcare and Medical Technologies and Energy. Targets also include 450 invention disclosures, 110 licences and to have filed 200 patents.

The ICT and Biomedical industries are currently worth €34.2bn annually to the Irish economy, while dependence on imported energy significantly impacts industry and the economy. A cooperative effort focused on these strategically vital areas aims to accelerate the delivery of viable solutions and sustainable industries.

The NUI Galway - UL Strategic Alliance is forging relationships with international partners. Georgia Institute of Technology through the establishment of a Joint Translational Research Institute to focus on the application of core technologies and expertise within the partner institutions.